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The Art of Custom Jackets

Posted by Beth Stern on 10th Jul 2015

Do you have a club, organization or business that would benefit from a cool jacket that has a cohesive look? Smoky Joe’s Clothing creates custom jackets that everyone will be excited about wearing. … read more

A Father's Day Gift He Will Not Forget

Posted by Beth Stern on 1st Jun 2015

A Father's Day gift he will not forgetMother’s Day, Birthday’s,Valentine’s Day are all special days, but the one day of the year that you can give thanks to the man who probably gave you the most infl … read more

Beth Stern

2nd Dec 2014

I just wanted to say thank you!! I am guessing that was Beth at Randolph Street Market? The lady who called me over and had me try on a jacket Sunday, and then was putting on a show when the perfor … read more