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Prom Attire Uniquely YOU

Prom Attire Uniquely YOU

Posted by Beth Stern on 7th Apr 2016

The yearly ritual of the Prom can be traced back many years.  Some looked forward to this event while others loathe if they will be asked as a date or attending.  The word Prom is short for promenade, the formal, introductory parading of guests at a party. Anxiety rises during this time whether it is the date, what to wear or who's attending.  I didn't go to my Prom because my date was in a basketball tournament, unlike today, where groups attend the prom or going solo is norm.  Girls fret about dress styles, colors and that nobody else will dare wear the same dress.  Boys generally rent a tux looking like the typical penguin parading the event.  Today, there are so many choices in formal attire, why wear the standard fare when you can create your own look.  A look to remember; not one to reflect back on a cringe, but remember how cool you dressed for this milestone event.  Purchasing a smoking jacket that you can wear to the prom and years beyond is one of the best investments for your wardrobe.  Snap it up with a matching bow tie or ascot and pocket square for a unique look that is truly yours.  Whether you are on a date or in a group, you will be the one that didn't fret over what to wear.