Custom Made Fur Coat for Dogs

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We specialize in fur coats for dogs. Our custom dog coats are made here in Chicago to keep your dog in luxury. We use the finest Ranch Mink, Chinchilla and Sable on the outside while the lining is made of satin or cashmere.

Smoky Joe's Clothing is based in Chicago, Illinois USA. We strive to bring you a unique one of a kind jacket.

Because we cut and sew each coat, timing takes approximately three weeks. Yes, we can accommodate rush orders for an additional charge.

These coats are custom made for toy or small breeds only.

Measurements Needed:

Chest Girth: 





The most important measurement is the chest size. If the chest size is ok, the rest of the measurements will not make a huge difference.

The broadest part of the chest (shown as Chest on the illustration above) Measure the chest at its widest point, which is typically right behind the front legs.

The length of the backbone (shown as Body Length on the illustration above) Measuring should be done along the dog's backbone from the base of the head to the base of the tail. This is from the base of where the collar rests to where the tail is attached. The measurements you see on all our apparel indicate this top line measurement. However, it's important that the dog's girth be taken into account as well as the top line measurement.